Monday, April 19, 2010

Viral Marketing

The age of the internet is awesome. Wow so many good marketers out there are killin it.
Which ones are real and which ones really make money? is real Christian Jenson is a pro. Black diamond builder is the new tool for making money through a network marketing co. Launching this week some time. I hope to build a huge business.

Amber has a website check her out. Soon my website is coming: sweet. let me know if you know anyone killin it on the net.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hey How have you been?

I haven't posted anything here for awhile. Well we moved to south San Clemente to a Flat with a gorgeous view of the Ocean. We had to sell our Home of 6 years. Boo hoo. But our new place has alot of great features... Like: we have a 15 shelf hidden rotating system in the kitchen. High end appliances Viking Stove and Sub zero Fridge. Garbage compactor and a hidden cabinet that comes out of the center island.. A futuristic Shower capsule thing that is awesome with jets coming out everywhere and a radio and jacuuzi tub.

So don't feel bad for us we are okay...My grandsons are growing up so fast. Dee and Jon are doing great with them. I am sure they are overwhelmed sometimes but that's raising kids.

I love my family so much. My sons are in Hawaii going to BYU. And Amber is in Utah wondering why. Hopefully she will go to hawaii too. Sold a house Jim has alot of orders coming in and a construction job so we are doing fine. Have a great week.

Monday, September 7, 2009

YEAH!!! New grandson Born Sept 5th 2009

I am so excited for the birth of my newest grandson Boston. Born on Sept 5th saturday night!!!
7 Pounds 2 ounces and Dee is doing great. Baby number three for her wow!
Prest and Eve's are sick right now only got to see their Bro for a few minutes and then had the Barf's. Great sicky kids at home while mom is in the hospital. Jon is thrilled and I am sure has had lots of sleep. Fun times..........

Meanwhile my husband is in the best shape ever. He is truly a Hot grandpa!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Summer is almost gone!

Been off for a while. How is everyone doing? Summer is almost over wow. Time flies when your having fun right? I have been doing P90X and extreme workout program. Also the Key chain trainer is an awesome tool to use. Kathy Smith the Excercise Guru is having a seminar that you work out with her and other personal trainers. It is in Utah but hey will be a blast. Anyone want to go? got to my website.

Real Estate is crazy. Well my listing is almost up. It was a short sale and the bank refused a fabulous offer. Oh well the market is still happening. The prices are great for those that have money and want a great deal.

My family is still doing well. Deanne is on bedrest right now til her baby comes.
She is bored and has to stay in bed. But we get to play with our darling little grandsons....

Let me know how you are all doing.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Customizable Fitness Trainer

I just found out about a company that launched April 6th. Nextfit has a revolutionary product that is going to explode.
They have a key Chain Trainer that is so awesome. You go to your computer and set up your trainer for your fitness level.
Professional trainers like Tony Robbins motivate you. Kathy Smith a professional fitness guru is one of the trainers. They have programs for every fitness level. Yoga, pilates, cycling, marathon, triathlon etc etc. You name it you can get trained for it on your personal key chain trainer...
Please let me show you how this works and If you want one let me know.
This is a direct sales company and I am looking for people excited about fitness and having so much fun building a business.

Have a great workout.....

Thursday, March 26, 2009

My blog is evolving!

Hey everyone, I am working on my websites and blogs. I have added some new information and links.
I love the internet age of blogging and searching and finding information as well as helping others.

If you have found any great blogs or sites let me know.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Hey do you want to save your home?

I have found the company to help us get a loan modification. I know everyone has heard all the bad press and what can happen if the company is a fraud. I finally found a true Real Estate Law Attorney.

WMG will go into the loan and find all the errors and deceit, every loan has errors.
The banks know that we will find out the truth with a real estate law attorney.
This attorney goes to bat for you and will only do it if you qualify.

WMG gets you a lower interest rate and fixed with smaller payments and balance. In some cases they reduce your first mortgage and if you have a second they negotiate it away for little money. (I have examples of this). One case had a $1,000,000 home, but now cannot sell it for $400,000. They negotiated it down to the market price and now she can keep her home.
If your property has lost value and you owe more than its worth, this is the answer.

Call me or email me for more information.

One of my cute Grandsons!!

One of my cute Grandsons!!